Thursday, May 20, 2010

Survivors recall escape from Brazil plane crash!!!

 A woman who survived a weekend plane crash in Brazil that killed 24 told Monday of struggling to reach a square of light in the submerged plane, while another said she had no doubt she owed her survival to God.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Death tolls on Brazil Rains hits 60

On Friday Brazil was hit by a mudslide that brought up the death toll to 60. More than 41 people died as rescuers combed through mountains of debris after 3 days of pounding rain unleashing deadly mudslides all over Sankay's Key Resorts in Andgra dos Ries. This town is home of 1 of Brazils major nuclear plants.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brazil a nuclear power? Probably Not

Latin American has long been prided on being the most populated nuclear weapons free region,but recent statement from Brazilian and Venezuelan officials make us wonder how long that will be the case. Brazil's Vice President Jose Alencar stated that Brazil should have the right to have nuclear weapons which would give his country a greater dissuasive power and more respectability in world affairs.In 2007 General Jose de Barros Moreira Defense Ministry undersecretary for strategic affairs and international relations, made similar statements. Brazil's Defense Minister Nelson Jobin was interviewed to see if his country is building nuclear weapons, "No, it was a mistake on the part of the vice president," says minister Nelson Jobin.There are two reasons why Brazil is prohibited to build nuclear weapons,The Brazilian Constitution bans the use and production of nuclear weapons and international agreements signed by Brazil prohibit it as well." He added that Brazil can build nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.